Care Management

Care management is a unique benefit of Partnership policies. Each Partnership policy offers a minimum of two, face-to-face care management consultations per calendar year (in addition to information and referral services offered by insurers) by independent professionals experienced in the field of long-term care, after insureds are authorized to begin receiving benefits.

The purpose of the care management benefit is to provide an independent source of review of a policy- or certificate-holder's individual situation and advice on the optimal use of insurance benefits and other available long-term care services in an insured's community. This benefit is reimbursed up to the amount of the nursing home daily benefit included in the Partnership policy selected and is deducted from the lifetime maximum benefits when used.

For example, if an insured person purchased a policy with a $200 per day nursing home benefit, he would be able to access care management benefits up to $400 per calendar year during his coverage period ($200 x 2). In this example, the care management consultations cost only $100 each, then the individual would be able to access the care manager for consultation a total of four times since he can be reimbursed up to a total of $400 per calendar year. In this example, his lifetime maximum benefit would be reduced by two nursing home benefit days if he used $400 in total care management reimbursement.