What Policies Cost

When purchasing a Partnership policy, it is important to remember that policy cost will fluctuate between individuals. The cost of a policy often depends on factors such as purchase age of the individual(s), health status at the time of application, and the insurance company selected. For pricing information, individuals interested in purchasing a Partnership policy should contact the participating insurance company or agent.

Each core policy includes:

•  Care management services

•  14 days of respite care per year

•  Nursing home bed reservation, 20 days per year

•  60 day grace period to ensure the premium is paid if you have designated someone to be notified when you fail to pay your premium on time

•  Hospice care

•  Coverage of alternate level of care status in a hospital while awaiting nursing home placement or at-home services

•  Review of denied benefit authorization requests

•  Guaranteed renewable

•  Level premiums (individual policy premiums cannot be raised, but premium rates on a class basis may be raised with the approval of the New York State Department of Financial Services when the solvency of the class of policies is in question)

•  Portability—coverage under the private insurance can be used outside New York State

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